Jan Bohacik, PhD., EUR ING, doc.

Associate Professor in Informatics (Computer Science) : Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Big Data, Fuzzy Logic, Algorithm Development, Medical Data, TeleHealth & Java Programming

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About Slovakia
Education and research
Programming and scripting
Search engines
Leisure time
Some art

About Slovakia

Slovakia - Government Office of the Slovak Republic
Slovakia - Visegrad Group
Slovakia - Wikipedia
Slovakia - Wikipedia - Slovaks
Slovakia - Travel & Living Guide to Slovakia
Slovakia - Come to Slovakia!
Slovakia - Slovak National Anthem
Slovakia - Slovak national tourism portal
Slovakia - Slovak passport
Slovakia - Entry conditions and visas
Slovakia - Migration Information Center
Slovakia - Arolla Film - The Wolf Mountains
Slovakia - Arolla Film - Keeper of the Wilderness
Slovakia - Arolla Film - Life in the Clouds
Slovakia - Arolla Film - The Immortal Forest
Slovakia - Properties inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
Slovakia - Elements on the UNESCO Lists of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Slovakia - the Slovak language
Slovakia - Search for Bus and Train Timetables
Slovakia - Slovak Post Office
Slovakia - Bratislava Airport
Slovakia - International Student's Guide to Slovakia
Slovakia - Study in Slovakia
Slovakia - International Researcher's Guide to Slovakia
Slovakia - Slovak Football Association
Slovakia - Slovak Ice Hockey Federation
Slovakia - Slovak Tennis Association
Slovakia - Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency
Zilina - City of Zilina
Zilina - Zilina Official Tourist Portal
Zilina - Aphrodite - Thermal Spa Rajecke Teplice
Zilina - Transport Enterprise of the City of Zilina
Zilina - Zilina International Airport
Zilina - Zilina University Hospital
Zilina Region - Martin University Hospital
Zilina - University of Zilina
Zilina - University Science Park
Zilina - Language School Zilina
Zilina - Central European Institute of Technology

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Education and research

European University Association
International Observatory on Academic Rangking and Excellence
Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
Slovak Rectors' Conference
Times Higher Education
Central Information Portal for Research, Development and Innovations
Slovak Academic Information Agency
EURAXESS Slovakia - Researcher in Motion
Science Business
Scientific Grant Agency (VEGA)
Slovak Research and Development Agency
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
International Researcher's Guide to Slovakia
Description of databases in ISI Web of Knowledge
Central European Institute of Technology in Zilina
University Science Park in Zilina
Study in Slovakia
International Student's Guide to Slovakia
Language School Zilina
Universities - Osaka Prefecture University
Universities - University of Hull
Universities - University of Informatics Sciences
Universities - University of Porto
Universities - University of Tampere
Universities - University of Zilina

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Programming and scripting

Making web pages - Document Object Model (DOM)
Making web pages - Guide to CSS
Making web pages - HTML Dog - a reference to web standard XHTML tags and CSS properties
Making web pages - HTML Coding Tutorials
Making web pages - JavaScript
Making web pages - VBScript
Programming - Thinking in C++, Volume 1, 2nd Edition
Programming - Thinking in C++, Volume 2, 2nd Edition
Programming - Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition, Beta

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Search engines

Calendar - Azet Calendar - a civil/holiday/tax/sporting/name day/lunar/festival calendar
Scientific data - CiteSeer.IST - a digital library and search engine for computer and information science
Scientific data - Google Scholar - a scholarly literature search engine
Scientific data - IEEE Xplore Digital Library - a research database for discovery and access to papers, standards and related materials
Scientific data - ISI Web of Knowledge - an academic citation indexing and search service
Scientific data - Scopus - a bibliographic database containing abstracts and citations for academic journal articles
Scientific data - Search for Indexation of Scientific Journals
Video - YouTube - a site for watching, uploading and sharing videos
Web - Azet
Web - Bing
Web - Google
Web - MSN
Web - SuperZoznaM
Web - Yahoo!
Web - Zoznam

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Leisure time

Dancing - Dance School Peter Cieker
Dancing - Salsa Zilina
Dancing - Azucar - an association uniting salsa people in Tampere area
MODELKLUB ZILINA - a club of modelers who build aircrafts, boats and yachts

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Some art

Dancing - Duo Flame - Je T'Aime
Dancing - Atai Omurzakov - Robot Dance
Movie - Arolla Film - The Wolf Mountains
Movie - Arolla Film - Keeper of the Wilderness
Movie - Arolla Film - Life in the Clouds
Movie - Arolla Film - The Immortal Forest
Music - Relaxation - Native American Flute
Music - Relaxation - OM Mantra Chanting at 417Hz
Music - Relaxation - On the Beach
Music - Relaxation - Rain in the Forest
Music - Damien Escobar - Awaken
Music - Andre Rieu & Gheorghe Zamfir - The Lonely Shepherd
Music - Yanni - Prelude and Nostalgia
Singing - Chicane - From Where I Stand
Singing - Lucie Bila & Petr Hapka - I Am Looking at Myself
Singing - Robert Burian - We Live Only Once
Singing - Selena Gomez - Good for You
Singing - Pavol Habera - A Place
Singing - Guru Josh Project - Infinity
Singing - Komodo - I Just Died in Your Arms
Singing - Robert Mikla - Crazy Pianist
Singing - Vaso Patejdl - I Know
Singing - Slovakia - Slovak National Anthem
Singing - Tamiga & 2Bad - In Havana
Singing - Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh - What If the Nature Talks to You

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